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Delivering History and culture through The Sageuk and Taiga Drama (How Korea and Japan spread historical cultures to youth through television)

History and cultures of a state is showing their identity. We can call we are Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Melayu, Japanese, or even America because we know our culture, who’s the ancestor, and how we act and living, etc. It makes us feel different and so unique without looking down to others culture or even throw away the original culture.
However, learning history or historical cultures seems boring for everyone, especially for youngster. We could see how they about to complaint if the historical subject come. How can they be persistent to learn historical material through reading some (thick) books. Most of material was in printed material though nonprinted material such a video or cassete tape is served. Still it can’t erase the little hatred for lesson of history cause they should memorize it without considering that probably they aren’t understand it at all.
Meanwhile, for the last decade South Korea has become a notable country as Hallyu (Korean Wave) appears. There was plenty of foreigner travel to South Korea and anothers buy Korean’s goods. Whereas, before Hallyu gain popularity, South Korea isn’t popular travel destination. But thanks to Hallyu South Korea’s economy started growing rapidly.
Hallyu it self appear as response toward Japan Fever. As products of Japanese cultures such as drama (dorama), musics, and other stuffs attract the world, South Korea make a move in 90’s. Influence by American style, entertainment industries grows slowly. Musics and drama serial was produced first as preface. Then, hallyu has blow with a hit of successful of some K-drama as Endless Love/Autumn in My Heart, Winter sonata, also Dae Jang Geum in particular. Now we can see that K-drama is competitor against J-drama.
Despite the competition, both K-drama and dorama was aired through television and had a potential to reach much more audience, obviously. Television mix with drama shows can be a propaganda for such certain matters. Therefore, we can see dorama based historical events which called as Taiga Drama produced by Japan NHK while MBC as Korean cultural broadcasting also producing Sageuk continually.
Taiga drama (大河ドラマ Taiga dorama, "Big River Drama") is the name NHK gives to the annual, year-long historical fiction television series it broadcasts in Japan. Beginning in 1963 with the black-and-white Hana no Shōgai, starring kabuki actor Onoe Shōroku and Takarazuka star Awashima Chikage, the network has hired a producer, director, writer, music director, and actors for the series. The 45-minute show airs on the NHK General network every Sunday at 20:00, with rebroadcasts on Saturday afternoon at 13:05. Satellite, HDTV digital satellite, and NHK World Premium broadcasts are also available .
Sageuk, on the other hand, is shorter, and usually the historical period is the background for some story . The number of episodes less than 100 episodes and most of them never more than 60 episodes. Sometimes the plot or heroine of saeguk not officially based on actual events in the past but using historical period as a setting of story. It occurs to Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Moon That Embraces The Sun drama lately.
The emerge of sageuk and taiga drama officially to deliver a historical culture towards audience locally. But then, broadcaster realized that those serial have more power rather than historical shows. However, in early, Taiga drama seems doesn’t have much audience also fans before Atsuhime aired by. Sageuk also seize popularity just the airing of Dae Jang Geum. Lately, the successful of historical drama of sageuk and taiga drama is before our eyes. Taiga Ryomaden make a big shot that caused effect of nation-wide craze for everything about Ryoma Sakamoto which has been labeled as the “Ryoma Boom”. Atsuhime which have highest average rating amongs taigas made Kagoshima perfectur raise more income from tourism. The splendid achievement of sageuk Dae Jang Geung (which followed by Winter Sonata later) was gained huge commercial income for South Korea. So many sites which has been shooted during filming, or appeared at scenes of sageuk Dae Jang Geum have been visited by tourist (most of them was fans of its drama). The main themes of Dae Jang Geum itself are her perseverance and the portrayal of traditional Korean culture, including Korean royal court cuisine and traditional medicine.
Most of sageuk and taiga drama was well-planned also well-prepared indeed. Instead of entertainment industry products, both saiga and taiga was cultural products which created as tv shows. Thus, anyone can see it at ease and enjoy without hard thinking about history’s content that attach to the drama. As resultan of it, audience easily knows and understand about history’s content without realized. They know that Queen Seon Deok was the succesfull empress from Silla Dynasty at Korean history. They understand why Ryoma Sakamoto was the notable firgure of Japanese.
In this section, we’ll figure out how sageuk and taiga is created. There’s three steps of making dramas at general.
First step, the production team made a great scripts. General Manager of Korean Broadcasting Institute, also mentioned about the scriptwriting as a key success factor of Korean TV dramas . Research is the thing first to do. It usual for the making of story based on history.
On the plot story, most of Korean drama use Cinderella plot. The heroine is created to be the pityful one on the pityful situation in order to get sympathy from audiences. Absolutely, the ending should be the happy ending that audience wish to be. Most of sageuk had happy ending, it’s hard to get sageuk which end sadly. After all, sageuk was one of Korean drama products. Opposite with sageuk, taiga seems purely based on real event at history. They end the drama with sad ending as the history really end in tragic. Wheter or not happy ending, both sageuk and taiga had interesting plot that can stir up the emotions of audiences.
Second step is casting most suitable actors. For the sake of promotions and rating, Korean drama attach beautiful look actresses and actors who were best in acting. However, the sensibility and emotions of the actors was a factor to grab audiences attentions towards the heroine in drama. Even the extras role had good performances.
Beside talent of acting, they should be able to deliver what the script/content itself. Drama show isn’t enough with such a beautiful looks and great acting, it needs actors that can bring the story to the audiences mind. It how audience can understand the storyline without only focused to their idol actor. No wonder Aoi Miyazai that cast Atsuhime at taiga Atsuhime had stunning performance and succeed to ensure audience that she’s Atsuhime, not a teen idol.
Moreover, selecting a fit actor for drama is the crucial matter. The cast should be perfectly represent the role as they can fulfill the expectation of audiences’s desire. It’s obvious that the right casts certainly can make a successful while the wrong casts is able to lead drama to failure.
Third step, producing high quality products. Drama is a product, indeed. The higher budget for producing drama will make a better drama. Better dramas can lead them to global market and also spread the content of the drama globally. As examples, the popular sageuk Dae Jang Geum was aired in more than Usually, they invest for equipment production, hi-tech equipments, wardobes, make up, properties, etc. In addition, with so hi-tech equpments, the productions team can explore their skill and the script to be as good as they expect. As seen on tv, the pictures quality, angles and scenery still the best than other shows. The setting as real as the original place though some of scenes was filmed in real sites. Even the film effects can beat the film effects of a movie.
Subsequent to produce a drama, the last thing to do is marketing. It obvious that drama is promoted before airing. Usually the company make several teaser as a spolier on promo. Teaser also used as sample for investor or other foreign broadcasting company. As we know, MBC as a producer for many sageuks and other koreans dramas had several foreign partner. In Indonesia, MBC’s partner was Indosiar. No wonder we can watch sageuk or other dramas oftenly. The airing frequents of Korean drama had increase because of Korean boy and girl bands popularity has rising. About taiga drama, it seems that NHK just distribute it limitly through local channel and its international channel that they had. We can only watch taiga officially in Japan whereas sageuk drama can watch in streaming easily on internet through official license websites. MBC also provide VOID streaming service to watch drama on demand that took a cost.
With the simple steps then we know how sageuk and taiga was made. In the process, the productions team really get into the drama in order to make a great drama. Thus, the audience have such an excitement to watch sageuk drama cause they knew the casts, expected an interesting plot. In early episodes normally the rating isn’t good, but as episodes running and intrigues story appear, sageuk seize high ratings. It’s clear that high ratings prove the viewers of sageuks is high.
Back to earliest lines, we talk about subjects of history that need to repackage. Repackage means the subject must be delivered in the exhilarate way so as the message can be received. To delivered some contents (message) we require a proper media. Then we can call the sageuk or taiga drama as the media.
According to amateur survey by writer towards 50 respondents, 32 respondents (64%) choose watching drama or film to learn subjects of history. 17 respondents (34%) pick printed material, and 1 respondent (2%) select still pictures to learn with. Most of them choose film or drama cause the storyline isn’t hard to understand. Moreover, he message of drama or film can be understood at ease. So then audiences can easily memorize the story roundly.
The facts that sageuk and taiga drama achieve high ratings and viewers, it obvious that the content (messages) can reach audiences directly. Slowly, it will make such a culturals influences. Sageuk and taiga drama which attach the popular idol as casts is able to reach the youngster audiences. Therefore, spreading the historical cultures to youngster is easy to do.
As TP’ers, the phenomenon of sageuk and taiga could be considered as an approach to make such a product that can facilitate people to learn subject of history. Afterall, history isn’t a past that kinda bored to learn by. History guide us to historical cultures as heritages. History also represent people identity and the way they live. How can we let people ignore to learn their own history whereas others cultures attacked before eyes without realized.

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