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Je Suis Malade

I don't smile anymore
I don't watch anymore
I often writing my suffering
I thought that I'm fine the way i am
Laugh behind beautiful eyes
Thought I could be everything, do anything
But I can't

These feeling like you leave me in sudden
Ignore my yearning for you
Throw away my sole longing in life

I'm sick, It's pathetic
I'm really sick
I realize that i do nothing
I lived over the mask, pretend to be charm every time

I'm sick, very sick
I realize that i just pursue the shadows and I'm lost
Anything is able to kill me, make me in six feet under
I'm truly sick when I treat my self as I'm better lived in the death
while I'm feeling so alone

I'm sick, truly sick
I don't even take a breathe rightly
Walking around in quandary
I'm really sick, you have no warm hearts and tenderness for me
You do even ignore my call, as it's my existing
Thought you'd be happy possess me, without you next to me

I'm sick, I'm deeply sick
When i realize I don't have anyone to share my sadness,
I'm feeling so alone

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