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Do you Know*

Do you know?

It’s hard when you leave my eyes for a second
Without you
I don’t even see the world
I don’t feel my soul
Except when I’m in your arms
and only you, can feel me

The sweetest words in this world are your words
and the most beautiful thing in my life is your love

I wish I could live with you , oh baby
and stay with you even in your dreams

Do you know what happens to me when you are away?
My soul leaves me and goes to you

I loved the days with you so much
I don’t want to say anything more
Do you know… what
Do you know?

Lyric of Nancy Ajram's Song

How Many People

How many people there were around the corner waiting for others?

It was snowing (it was winter),
they were holding an umbrella

While no one waited for me in the sunny days
It’s been a hundred years that I’ve been left in this shop
The walls are bored from me, but they are too shy to tell it

While my eyes are on that handsome who is on the road
I would sing him songs
But he acts like a busy man

I’ve been waiting on the floor but no one waited for me

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